Glass walls and panels

Glass can be used in the interior design in a number of ways: partition walls, vestibules, space dividing elements, etc. There are also various types of glass in use: tempered, laminated, laminated single pane safety glass, and decoratively laminated glass. We also carry out special orders.

The manufacturer of mirrors and glass, Ibeka, offers a wide choice of glass panels. This is the newest way to use glass, whether in rooms in a house or in an office or in service premises, it is becoming ever more popular. The glass panels offered by Ibeka are a combination of laminated glass with a pattern chosen by the customer and printed on foil, or a mixture of glass and metal, textiles and other materials. Glass panels can also function as a very durable furniture lining; they can also replace tiles in the bathroom or kitchen (because they are easy to wash); or they are an excellent idea for an original wall decoration, as they are created following the customer’s vision. We produce wall panels on request, allowing the customer to match not only the color or form with the interior design, but also by cutting the panel to the right size. A colorful glass panel with an interesting surface quality is an element that is bound to be eye-catching and will make even the dullest interior interesting.

Made by LAMPO - 2013
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