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A manufacturer of mirrors – the company Ibeka specializes in the machining of glass and mirrors (now also glass lamination), as well as in the production of high-quality shower cubicles, glass doors, impressive glass dividers, and glass railings. The high quality of our services comes from our rich, long-time experience, modern technological solutions, and excellent raw materials used in the production process. All those features make our company one of the leading mirror manufacturers in the region. Ibeka offers for example: bathroom mirrors, decorative mirrors – in simple and decorated frames, as well as full glass frameless structures. Apart from that we offer laminated glass and glass lamination services.

We offer a wide range of furniture glass, of various thicknesses and types of machining, also laminated glass. We machine colorless float glass, chemically etched (satin, decormat), lacquered in lacomat or lacobel system. You can also order ornament glass, e.g. Master Carre, or the so-called jaszowieckie ornaments.

We can do all types of glass edge machining: trapezoid grinding, straight and curved C-edge, single and double, straight and curved beveling, chamfering, and sand blasting and drilling.

Our products include furniture glass, produced for the leading furniture manufacturers. Taking into account your individual needs and tastes, we manufacture bathroom and decorative mirrors designed in a unique, original way. All products on offer are unique examples of elaborate craftsmanship and they can be used in flats as well as office spaces. The manufacturer, Ibeka, does its best to satisfy even the most demanding customers; hence our furniture glass, mirrors, and other products on offer enjoy great and continuing popularity among our customers around the world.

The mirror manufacturer, Ibeka, invites you to visit its company shop, where you can see all products on offer: furniture glass, various mirrors, glass furniture, mirror frames, glass doors, and bathroom accessories and furniture.

EU projects

  • Purchase of a lamination furnace

  • Increase of competitiveness

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